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May 2018
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SMED website Launched!

The General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc. (GSC SMEDCI) launched its official website. So what are you waiting for visit http://gscsmedci.com/about-smed/ for  further  information.




The General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc. (GSC SMEDCI) came into being as a result of the magnitude of the projects undertaken by the council and its limitations being a policy making body.

The GSC SMED Council then realized the need to empower the private sector partners as implementers of projects for SME Development. Responding to this challenge, the private sector members of the council organized themselves into an association registered with SEC as General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc.

The GSC SMEDCI has been recognized by the City Government of General Santos as private sector partner for the implementation of its projects for small and medium enterprises such as Yaman Gensan (YG), Intellectual Property Initiatives and One Town, One Product (OTOP).

General Santos City SMED Council, Inc. is a

  • Non-stock, non-profit private organization
  • Created in 2005 by virtue of SEC Registration No. CN200530165
  • Recognized by the City Government as private sector in mSME development (SP Resolution No. 152 series of 2006

VBS spearhead Animation Road show

English: a short animation using Pivot Stick F...

English: a short animation using Pivot Stick Figure Animator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be amazed. SAGA is coming soon! Join Society of Animators and Graphic Artists in Region 12 and register to join our Animation Road show. On July 25,2013, bring your artworks and win PENTABS!.


For more updates visit the website at:  SAGA12.COM





It is that time of the year when the the GenSan Business Month or Yaman GenSan starts unfolding.


Now on its 10th year, Yaman GenSan 2013 has been given the theme CONVERGENCE by its organizers, the SMED Council of General Santos City, the local government of General Santos and the Department of Trade and Industry.


According to the SMED Council Chairperson, the pretty and gracious Tess Pacheco, “Yaman GenSan 2013 will feature more events like trade fairs, exhibits and seminars; skills and technology transfer training workshops; competitions; and other events envisioned to create jobs and promote entrepreneurship, spread information and incite innovation, and facilitate access to technology and approaches that are aligned with the needs, opportunities and strengths of GenSan’s economy.”


For all entrepreneurs, Check their schedule and choose from a list of seminars, workshops, foras, trade exhibits which you could attend and make you better at business.

CHECK OUT THE SCHED HERE:http://www.gensantos.com/2013/06/13/yaman-gensan-2013-soars-ahead/


RPG metanoia: First filipino full 3D- animated film!

This December, moviegoers will be treated to a groundbreaking film by Ambient Media and Star Cinema. RPG Metanoia is the first Philippine-made CG flick to be shown in full 3D. An official entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Believe in Your Dream

Keep on dreaming, Everything is possible.